High Speed Treadmill HST1

Treadmills are an essential aid for the training and rehabilitation of horses.

Through keeping horses in a natural position and cushioning their hoofs, the treadmill encourages the horse to simulate the muscular actions that mimic someone riding them.

The main benefits of the HST1 include -

  • Safety
  • Quietness
  • Jocky-less operation.

Equine Ambulance AMB1

An Equine Ambulance is a reassuring and often fundamental structure used for the transportation of injured horses.

They are specifically designed for ease of entry and exit for horses, which is pivotal to ensuring that no further injury occurs.

The main benefits of the AMB1 include-

  • Tailored, multi-use structure for various injuries
  • Lightweight/ low impact transit
  • Lowness to the ground for easy access.

Walking Machine WM1

Walking Machines are a necessary tool for the toning, strengthening, training and rehabilitation of horses.

The WM1 comes in a variety of models that cater to groups of - 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14 horses.

The main benefits of WM1 include -

  • Variable speeds
  • Dual entry and exit
  • Special roof design for animal comfort

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