AMB1 Equine Ambulance

Our Equine Ambulances have been dynamically created to ensure the safe transportation of horses that have acquired a range of different injuries.

The ambulance is custom made with hydraulic front and rear independent suspension, allowing easy access for horses that are unable to lift themselves.

Made from lightweight aluminium, the AMB1 has been designed to ensure minimal wear and tear while it’s on the track.

The AMB1 has the capacity to transport 2 horses at once with a motorised winch for animal movement.  

Main Features of the AMB1 -

  • Dual direction walk through capability with front entry and exit door (supports injury specific needs)
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis for product longevity
  • Full lightweight aluminium body construction reduces wear and tear on the track
  • Heavy duty stainless steel hinges and latches for product longevity
  • Electronic braking system


  • Hydraulic front and rear independent suspension allows for the unit to lower to the ground for injured animal load and unload
  • Supports carriage of two animals at once
  • Plastic drag mat for injured animal loading
  • Retractable privacy curtains
  • Motorised winch for animal movement
  • Angle or straight load dividing system (supports injury specific needs)

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